dj tennis - ideal tracks for different moments.


DJ Tennis, takes us through a selection of tracks for different moments, ahead of his set at E1 on Aug 17th.



Waking up early is not a very difficult task for me, but a good dose of funky and cheesy energy before diving into the studio is always welcome… to put a smile on my face. Perel recently reminded me of the existence of this (not really obscure) gem.


Alexander Marcus Hawaii Toast Song


Lunch break is always a good moment to clean my ears and reset my brain after a few hours in the studio with kick drums, synths, grooves and bass lines. I always try to listen to very different stuff from what I normally produce or play... and listening to a very well produced full album from start to end helps me understand sound engineering and the art of arrangement and composition better.


I love a proper digestion, cruising around with my bike for an hour. Helps with discovering places you never noticed and dive into your headphones. For the best result I want to check new or unexpected tunes, and I let someone's playlist do it for me. BTW for that purpose I created a 60 hour long playlist that you can check here: - Here is a cool song I recently discovered this way…

Lackluster - In Passing


Last thing you want when you’re having dinner in good company and planning how to rule the world, is to have sounds that distract you too much. I hate it when restaurants use loud and banging music and all you can do is force smiles, saying yes and screaming without understanding a single word of the conversation. Also after a full day hanging out with your repetitive tunes, you want to start make your life smoother.

Max ROACH "Equipoise" (1968)


I normally don’t like listening to tunes before sleeping, but sometimes I need it - it’s good to listen to quiet and calming music to help.

Joanna Brouk - The Space Between

E1 Invites: DJ Tennis, Agents of Time & Janina

On the 17th of August, E1 invites a selection of forward-thinking artists for an electronic music session of the highest calibre.

Headlining the bill is DJ Tennis. The Life and Death boss is a stalwart of the worldwide dance music scene. Resident of Circoloco, his sets drift between the innovative ends of house and techno and everything in between. We cannot wait to hear his craft on our Wall of Sound.